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Updated: Apr 12

Yoga really is for everyone; it’s not just a convenient mantra spewed by those boho bendy types, convincing you to shell out cash to contort yourself into awkward positions. In any given class there are people across all spectrums twisting, bending, and sweating buckets. My personal preference for exercise is usually Kickboxing and Cross training, but after weeks on end of throwing punches and swinging kettlebells, my muscles end up pinched, pulled, and stiff. I’ve learned that including yoga in my fitness regimen, eliminates muscle tension and keeps my body working efficiently with less risk of injury or general discomfort. In addition to Yoga being a great full body exercise, regularly practicing will increase your flexibility, balance, improve your posture, and reduce your risk of injury. Yoga has significantly improved my quality of life through increased mobility, less neck and shoulder pain, reduced mental stress, and increased strength. Yoga is a great place to start any fitness journey as you increase muscle strength naturally and helps lubricate your joints and ligaments for when you do engage in strength and aerobic training. Recently someone asked me where they could do yoga; they assumed it wasn’t that hard so it would be a good way to increase their mobility without expending too much effort. I explained to him, an older man in his 60’s/70’s, that you can indeed break a sweat doing yoga but if he was interested in practicing for mobility, he could look for Hatha and Yin classes to begin his journey. Hatha yoga is a great place for anyone just starting out, Vinyasa or Flow classes require a little more physical stamina, Power and Ashtanga yoga are the most intensive styles. Yin, Restorative, Yoga Nidra, Kundalini yoga are more gentle; Yin focuses on blissfully long, deep stretches and is a personal favourite when I am feeling stressed or have sore muscles. Searching for a yoga studio that suits your schedule, budget, location, and physical needs can be an arduous task, especially when you have to decipher the multitude of yoga styles they offer. As your NDG Fitness Blogger, I thought I’d do the leg work for you to make it easier for you to benefit from that post yoga bliss. Here is a roundup of all the yoga studios in NDG, CDN, and CSL with the types of yoga they offer. Notre Dame de Grace Modo Yoga 4260 Girouard Modo Yoga is clearly the giant here in Montreal, they have several locations and a comprehensive schedule of various types of mostly hot yoga. With an emphasis on Vinyasa (flow), classes for all levels, children’s classes on the weekend, pre/postnatal, Pilates, and special events. They offer 10 or more classes per day to suit your schedule and have recently added Barre and Bootcamp! *I can personally recommend Modo Yoga, as I go here regularly and find every instructor incredibly thorough, knowledgeable, and engaging. I’m not a huge hot yoga fan but I keep going back because I know I am getting a quality yoga experience. I was particularly pleased when they added Bootcamp and Barre so that I can diversify my workouts without having to get a membership at more than 1 place. Modo Yoga also has daily community classes for 5$ so if you can’t afford a hefty monthly fee or the regular per class rate, you can still reap the benefits of practicing yoga. ELMNT Studio 6000 Monkland ELMNT offers signature classes fusing yoga and pilates or yoga, HIIT, and meditation, they also have restorative and hatha yoga, as well as yoga for youth, and a class that combines spinning and yoga. ELMNT offers other types of classes which is great for those who want to diversify their workouts. Yoga Space 2100 Marlowe #346 (Queen Elizabeth Complexe) This studio specializes in prenatal, post natal, and child birth preparation yoga. They also offer Yoga Nidra Meditation and Mindful Yoga. Body Works Yoga (Yogaplus) 4578 Harvard Body Works Yoga focuses on Divya Yoga as well as Pre and Post natal yoga. Bhakti Yoga 2000 NorthCliff A Hatha based practice, they hold classes in 2 locations but to be honest their schedule is a tad confusing, they appear to have many classes. Happy Tree Yoga 2023 Decarie Mainly gentle forms of yoga such as Hatha, Yin, and Kundalini, only a few classes per day and they have 2 locations so make sure you check the location before deciding on a class. Yoga on the Park 5582 Sherbrooke W Hatha, Flow, Restorative, Yin, and Meditation classes are offered in this space. I went to a Yin/ Yang class on Saturday afternoon and felt like I was floating effortlessly through life afterwards. Recently I tried out their Moderate Sunday morning class and I really enjoyed the teacher’s approach. Malcolm who sounds like Bob Ross is narrating your yoga class; had us move through each posture quite slowly, holding the pose long enough to feel your muscles shake a little, but he included a lot of stretches throughout. Out of all the studios I’ve been to in Montreal, this one is my favourite, it is a very simple space, hard wood floors, a few plants, but the arched windows overlook the park give you a sense of being in a treehouse as you gaze outside in crescent lunge. Yoga Essential 2215 Beaconsfield Alignment Based Yoga Levels 1,2,3, limited schedule and classes in 3 different locations so be sure to check before choosing a class. Vidalia Yoga 5276 Notre-Dame-de-Grace Kundalini, VInyasa, Yin, Prenatal Yoga as well as several other services such as Thai Massage Yoga, Reiki, etc. Mindful Montreal and Soma Yoga Therapy 5757 Monkland Briefly Atelier Soma, located above Espositos, Allison Ulan has moved her practice to the Altermed Clinic on Monkland and is offering Mindfulness classes along with her signature Soma Yoga Therapy style. I was able to attend her Saturday morning class recently, and was really impressed with the level of attention Allison gives to each student in the room. Less formal than most classes I’ve been to, talking/asking questions, is allowed. The purpose of her classes is therapeutic, in fact it is the only therapeutic yoga in NDG and is based on Ayurvedic principles of healing. Since it is flu season, a lot of the poses that we did emphasized lymphatic drainage to help boost the immune system for the long winter ahead. My favourite part of this class was the time given at the end to practice the big 6, head stand, the wheel, plow, etc. In most traditional yoga classes there is very little, if any, time given to master these difficult postures. PERFORM@Concordia (Loyola Campus) 7200 Sherbrooke St. W At the PERFORM center they offer several types of groups classes including Yin yoga and Gentle Yoga. Their classes go by Concordia University’s terms and will finish at the end of November and pick up again in January. At 10$ a class (public) it’s the cheapest deal around, just be sure to reserve your spot.

Cote Des Neiges Studio Alkemy Yoga 5145 Blvd Decarie #100

Ashtanga, Yin, Kemetic Yoga, classes are scheduled in 6-8 week sessions so their schedule is limited. Meta 1111 5440 Queen Mary

Many different types of yoga, including Acro Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Chair Yoga, and Vinyasa. They also offer MMA, Tai Chi, and other types of classes, they have many classes per day but some are for children so double check. CSL

Westend Athletic Cavendish Club

A full service gym that offers Hatha Yoga, Pilates, and Yogalates classes. If you live in the western part of NDG you can checkout Shanti Yoga, Ondine Yoga, and the Coop Sante Sportifin Montreal West In addition to these specialized Yoga studios, you can also find yoga classes at the following locations: NDG Sports Center St Raymond Community Center Cote Des Neiges Sports Center Sylvan Adams YM-YWHA YMCA-NDG If you need an explanation of some main yoga styles, follow this link: I have visited a few of the studios and would love to eventually try them all, but if you have tried out any of the ones on the list, leave a comment to let us know what you like about your yoga studio/class/teacher!

If you know of a studio not featured on this list in the NDG/CDN/CSL area, send me the info and I will check it out.


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