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Updated: Nov 9, 2019

What’s Up World started with What’s Up West Island six years ago that snowballed into more due to need and demand! What’s Up West Island was created with the idea to bring the West Island community together and provide the who, what, where, when, and why. Covering local events and sharing breaking news, What’s Up West Island quickly became the place to turn to when you needed to know what’s going on. It’s fast success and growth did not go unnoticed. There was need and demand in other communities to have their own page and thus What’s Up World was born, and now umbrellas over thirteen communities across Canada and two tourist ones, with plans to expand globally in the next year.

We are a dedicated team who work hard building relationships and connecting with the local community. We specialize in Digital Marketing and work hand in hand with local businesses and charities to introduce them to the community in fun and unique ways. Our head office is in Pointe Claire, Quebec and we have team members across the nation who work on keeping everyone connected. With worldwide expansion plans, our goal is to keep the world connected with What’s Up World!

“We offer fun services to business and charities which include, Social Media Management, Event Promotion, Digital Event Management, Social Media Promotion, Networking Events, Blogging and Vlogging (Blogcasting), Membership cards, and Business Directory, to name a few!”


We are proud to be the Largest Organically Grown Hub in Montreal and can’t wait to take that to the level! Our team is comprised of passionate Influencers, Leaders, Entrepreneurs, movers and shakers who work hard and have fun doing it! Our founder has won several awards such as Start-up Canada's Quebec Female Entrepreneur of the year for 2018 and nominee for the Canadian October 2019 awards for Canada, as well as Montreal’s Most Influential Person. Her vast knowledge and experience is what has made What’s Up World so successful!

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