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Updated: Apr 12

The best way to describe the concept of double cleansing is to compare it to removing nail polish – when you remove your nail polish you must first remove the polish itself with nail polish remover on a cotton pad; once that is done you wash your hands with soap and water. It is a two step process.  Properly cleansing your face is also a two step process.  First you have to remove your makeup, sunscreen and pollutants, after that you can properly cleanse your skin. These two steps are commonly referred to as ‘double cleansing’ in the beauty world.   

There are several products available for the first and second cleanse.  To remove makeup and debris you have options such as cleansing wipes, micellar water, cleansing oils and cleansing balms. The purpose of the first cleanse is to melt the makeup, SPF, and air borne bacteria off your face.  My personal favorites are cleansing oils and cleansing balms. There are several choices at Sephora as well as the drugstore. For your first cleanse you can also benefit from a cleansing cloth. Erase Your Face microfiber face cloths are very popular.  These cloths are truly a game changer! Makeup wipes and cotton pads are not only bad for the environment they are costly.  Microfiber cloths are magical. You can reuse the same one every night if you wash it by hand right away.  If you buy a few you can throw them in the washing machine.  They are available at most drugstores and department stores, or even on amazon.  With one swipe your makeup disappears, including waterproof mascara.  Everything miraculously sticks to the cloth during the first cleanse.  Try it, you won’t be disappointed!  

For the first cleanse, on dry skin add one pump of your micellar water or cleansing oil, or a dime size amount of cleansing balm. Massage it onto your dry skin to loosen all of the makeup and bacteria. Next splash some lukewarm water onto your face and massage some more. The micellar water, oil or balm will turn into a milky cleanser that will start to melt everything off your face. Time to take the face cloth – wet it with some water, and remove everything from your face with gentle swipes. Splash more water to rinse. Now that your pores are not obstructed you can proceed to the second cleanse.  Your second cleanser should be chosen according to your skin type (oily, dry, combination, acne prone etc).  I recommended some great second cleansers in my previous blog about cleansers.  Take no more than a pea size amount of your second cleanser and gently wash your face again.  Rinse well. Your skin is officially ready to fully absorb all of your skincare.  

Double cleansing prevents over washing, over drying, and over stripping your skin of the essential oils it needs to be healthy, vibrant and smooth.  It allows your skincare to work efficiently and penetrate deeper. In my next blog I will begin the skincare journey. Step one after cleansing – toners and essences! What do they do, what is the difference between them, and who can benefit from them.  Tune in to put your best face forward!!


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