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HALIFAX | Well-Being and its Costs

Updated: Apr 12

Nowadays, despite tremendous advancement on comfort and technology levels witnessed in the last 100 years, our advanced and so-called developed societies suffer enormously on individual levels.

We thrive for peace and happiness and are desperately trying to follow new trends of well-being to achieve the same goal. Seemingly, we have better cars, better and faster communication tools, more credit access to obtain goods and products, better housing with granted basics that were not considered such a basic right so long ago… We now have even laws to grant all those rights and privileges as soon as you pay the fee that the provider requests and it even comes with warranties.

But despite all those fluffy material and external comfort, the overall well-being and happiness level on our side of the world has decreased. People are relying more and more on medications to achieve some stability and decrease their level of anxiety or depression. They keep functioning and that does not mean that they are defective per society criteria but there is some diseases that are omnipresent. The quest of wanting more has no ending and their quest for more is just insatiable.

On my end, thanks to some seminars and personal growth teaching, I realized the trick of the mind and its relation with desire. Your desire is just an insatiable illusion and as soon as you fix yourself any desire and it is reached, it won’t take long before, another one pops up and becomes your new life master goal. You might say; no, if I had money, love of that person or this job etc, I would be set, but I promise you, you won’t. As soon as your goal is reached, you will want to jump to the next target. That is the way all minds work if you are willing to sit and honestly observe your mind.

So what to do with all that? In my 44 years’ experience in life observing myself and others, I can tell you that there is not one way to achieve well-being or peace. I used to see that as disappointing and was looking for the magic pill, a pop it and be happy pill. This is not the way it works though. Now I see it from the other perspective that one has to find its own path to that chill place of mind where the outer circumstances doesn’t bear such a weight on the present and daily life.

There are a few teachings I try to abide to:

- What one can do, one must do

- We teach what we need/lack/miss most

- Depending on your needs, you have to walk in that direction.

Meditation and yoga are very popular and there are just as many trends and ways to start. Apps like Headspace, Insightimer are a great start. Whatever you are living and wherever you are in life, don’t give up and know we are all in the same boat. You bring something to this world but ultimately, we are all one. So rather than seeking for belonging to a categorized rigid group, find your own free spirit and well-being and stick to it; not as a dogma with rigidity but as a promising light that guides you and is your personal garden. Wish you well with love and light.


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