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MONTREAL-OUEST | Welcome October: My Favourite Montreal Farmer's Markets.

Updated: Apr 12

Fall, the wonderful season of colours, comfy sweaters, lattes and most importantly farmer's markets!

This is probably my favorite time of the year, it’s not too hot and not too cold and still plenty of daylight for outdoor activities especially for visiting the farmer’s market...oh the farmer’s market; filled with beautiful fruits and vegetables.

Living in Lachine, I am blessed to have access to several farmer’s markets; there is the one in Lachine on Notre Dame which is the oldest in Montreal. It is one of the smaller ones but the variety of produce sold is very extensive. There is also the one located in Dollard des Ormeaux called Marche de l’Ouest which has an indoor and outdoor section. This is a great one to visit when the weather is less nice as you have quite an array of shops to explore inside. Then there are the two big ones which are a little further away but which must be visited at least once.

The Atwater market is located in St. Henri on the beautiful Lachine canal and a visit there can easily turn into a full day adventure. Not only can you shop ‘till you drop but bring your whole family as the Lachine canal is filled with wonderful kid friendly activities. One of my favorite ones is renting an e-boat or a super funky swan pedal boat and if you have a four legged family member, the H2O boat rentals allow dogs. After all that shopping, boating and touring around there are many options where you can fill your bellies, there are many restaurants at the market and the one that I truly recommend is Satay Brothers; its south east asian cuisine full of amazing flavours! There is also the Terrasse St. Ambroise which is located on the canal, just a short walk from the market. This place has an amazing patio overlooking some old industrial buildings and a huge green space. The food here is more of a pub grub but the atmosphere is great, bring your kiddos, your dog and all of your friends and don’t forget the cozy sweaters as you will definitely want to sit outside!

And last but not least on the tour of Montreal markets is the Jean Talon market located in little Italy. What can I say, it is the biggest one of them all, there is indoor and outdoor shopping. You can get fruits, veggies, artisanal cheeses, homemade sausages and delicious bread! It is a one pit stop for all of your foodie needs. You can get ethnic, organic, local, and any other types of food that you imagine and some that you didn't even know existed! This market is beaming with festivals, celebrations, tastings and is always filled with people. There is always something new to taste and discover! Now all that is left to do is get out there and enjoy the beauty that is an outdoor market!


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