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LAVAL | ‘Tis the Season: Cavalia’s Illumi Sparks Joy

Updated: Apr 12

I’ve always been super in love with Christmas. This time of year always fills me with so much nostalgia and childhood memories it’s crazy. I know I’m not the only one in saying that something I love to do during the cooler months is to drive around and look at the lights and inflatable, cartoon-like reindeers. If that happens to be one of your favorite things too, and you need a bit more to satisfy your fix, then ‘Illumi’ has the answer.

Illumi’s ‘Fairy of Lights’ is an event happening in Laval from November 4th to the 5th of January 2020. To put it simply: It’s a giant field composed of LED lights and magical sculptures: From penguins and igloos, to even a jungle theme with palm trees and zebras. There’s even a part at the end with big red LED-lit spiders, super creepy if you’re into that, and also major Billie Eilish vibes. Honestly, you never know what’s going to come next.

Right at the start you come across this giant tree that can be seen from miles away; and yes, it’s made of LED’s. When you go underneath it they play Christmas music, and for a second, it almost feels like you’re in a movie or Whoville from ‘The Grinch’. Even though it was pretty crowded when I went, Illumi made up for it by providing tons and tons of selfie opportunities. I mean really, if you want to take a few cool pictures for your Instagram and get people wondering where you went – look no further. If you want to snack on something while you walk, there’s tons of food trucks and hot cocoa to give you that warm, fuzzy feeling.

I gotta admit that the parking was a little bit of a nuisance. Traffic everywhere because people are trying to get into the event, so prepare ahead of time and lookout for parking spots. Also, the path leading up to the entrance definitely was a bit muddy to put it lightly – it may be different for when you go, but just thought I’d throw that out there to warn ya (wear good boots)! Despite all this though, I had a really good time, and would really recommend that you guys go check it out. The ticket prices, address, and any other info you'll need are on their website:

Have fun, and embrace your inner child!


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