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HALIFAX | Tako Sushi & Ramen

Updated: Apr 12

Just before Christmas I dropped into Tako Sushi & Ramen for a delicious hot bowl of ramen. They are my favorite place to go for ramen in the city! Since we were there during Christmas time, they had a super cute tree with sushi ornaments. It was just a subtle but nice effect to the restaurant.

As it had been cold lately, I decided to start off with some genmaicha (brown rice tea) which I get when I don’t feel like sencha (green tea). They always have pretty cups for tea, and I own some, but I swear I could always buy more!

Then as a starter, we grabbed the regular tempura. This is just an assortment of shrimp and vegetable tempura. I always have a hard time deciding between this and the shrimp tempura. However, I decided to have some veggies in my life because I do love sweet potato and eggplant tempura!

Once again, being both a spice lover and cold, I decided to get the Hokkaido ramen. The Hokkaido ramen is a spicy pork broth served with soba noodles, BBQ pork and egg. There is always corn, green onions, mushrooms, seaweed and sesame seeds in the soup as well! If there is something you don’t like, you can usually ask for it to be left out as well. I believe the eggs are marinated, but they don’t really say, but it is a common practice for ramen eggs.

They have tons of ramen options, so be sure to pick what works for you! I believe if a different one sounds tasty but you want something spicy, you can have them add spice to it! Their noodles are slightly chewy and bouncy. Perfect noodles, in my opinion. The broth is delicious with a nice rich taste, and very spicy. The pork belly is tender and just melts in your mouth. Eggs are slightly under hard boiled, but are not runny because they cook a bit in the broth. It’s always such an amazing experience going here. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone! They also have some amazing dessert options, that are sometimes seasonal! In the past I’ve had sakura mochi (sticky rice cake with red bean paste), and taiyaki (fish shaped pastry with a filling, usually red bean paste or chocolate).

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