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OLD MONTREAL | Step into The Mind of a Great Artist with Imagine Van Gogh’s Striking Instillations

Updated: Apr 12

Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh is by far one of the most famous artworks of all time. The twinkling yellow lights met with the blue waves of a night sky collide and transcends you to another world. It is currently being held at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, but Tandem Exhibitions has brought Vincent’s legacy to Montreal.

Imagine Van Gogh is an immersive experience with floor to ceiling installations. When I arrived at the event, the first thing I noticed was the sound of classical music before even entering the space. The preface to the main show was an explanation of Van Gogh’s life and his work. Even though it was tempting to skim through this – as you can already catch a glimpse of what is to come – it made the experience ever more spectacular. Walking through the door feels surreal: The combination of the soundtrack seems to effortlessly blend with the projections of his art on each and every wall. It’s almost overwhelming as one screen will feature details of brushstrokes, while another focuses on the greater picture. I even saw people sitting on the ground, completely awestruck at what they were witnessing. It’s one thing to see an art piece in a museum or gallery, but it’s a completely different ballgame to feel the art all around you.

The installations take place in a single room: It’s spacious enough to have a lot of people in it, but obviously crowds will form. The show lasted half an hour: Beginning with portraits of the artist on each wall, it proceeded to show a chronological timeline of his life. What I enjoyed the most was the fact that they also featured letters that he sent to his brother. It added a nice touch of history and there was a sense of intimacy with the artist – in being able to see his words up close on large, you feel as if you know him personally. The point is that this exhibition was everything I had hoped it to be. Even though you’re in a room full of people, you almost feel alone with the art. The music only amplified the beauty of it all and it even brought a tear to my eye as I was staring at fields of yellow and gold. The exhibition takes place at Arsenal Art Contemporain, and tickets are on sale online at I’d recommend this to anyone who’s like me and a huge art lover, as it’s an experience that I don’t think I’ll ever forget.

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