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Promenade Wellington and Locket Go Show the Love to Local Merchants

This year has been the year of reinvention. We have all been forced to take a step back, re-adjust, re-assess and find solutions to the ongoing change in the world that is continously being brought upon us. Now more than ever flexibility and adapting to new lifestyles and situations has become key. Promenade Wellington is riding the change wave by partnering up with Locketgo Smart Lockers for an amazing new initiative: Du LUV dans ton panier.

Residents of the community driven borough of Verdun, you are now be able to make purchases at participating merchants through the means that the merchant would regularly use (phone, website etc.) and the merchant will reserve a Locketgo smart locker for you that is password enabled. Not only will your packages be there waiting for you, but the best part is all this is done through your mobile phone!

Depending on the items in your locker, the packages will remain there for you for an allotted time. Once your package is retrieved, the retailer receives a notification that you have picked up your items.

This initiative was created in the context of a second wave of COVID-19 and in attempt to minimize traffic within stores and also for delivery companies who have worked tirelessly during the pandemic. With the rush of the holiday season among us, what better way to ensure everyone’s safety and support local merchants? Not to mention, it takes the ease of rushing to get to the stores before they close as the packages can be picked up outside of regular business hours.

Take advantage of this amazing initiative; support local and stay safe!

The three pick-up locations are:

De L’Église and Wellington

Gordon and Wellington

2nd Avenue and Wellington

Click here for more information and to visit their website.

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