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NDG | Pounding It Out-Why Kickboxing could be your new favourite workout.

Updated: Apr 12

Ever finish a day at work and think…WINE…CHOCOLATE…NETFLIX…COMA!!! I spend my days with the youth of Montreal, some days are awesome and some days I want to go straight to the SAQ, but instead I head to the gym (most of the time). There is no better stress reliever than sweating out the day’s negativity. Yoga is regarded as the ultimate way to bring yourself back to center and to be honest, I do feel like a Zen goddess floating through my own watercolour universe after a class. However, if my day was really rough, the best thing I can do for my state of mind is put on my bubble gum pink boxing gloves and pound out my frustration on a bag or my partner’s pads.

I came to Kickboxing by way of a spontaneous Muay Thai class I attended with a friend. We were both curious about Muay Thai, boxing, and kickboxing but were intimidated so we decided to try together. I never saw myself getting much joy out of punching and kicking but low and behold, landing a Mortal Kombat “Finish Him” style uppercut, is so satisfying! I started attending boxing and kickboxing classes at random and as luck would have it, met and married a man who teaches kickboxing and now I shadow box in my home gym for fun...who knew! One of the things that I love about kickboxing is that you have to think about everything you are doing, testing on your coordination and reflexes; you never know when your partner will mess up and go right instead of left!

Kickboxing is an intense workout, cardio concentrated absolutely, but after an hour of roundhouse kicks, jabs and hooks in 8-12 oz gloves, your limbs will be dead weight. Coach Moses with Mo Fitness loves to use kickboxing as a way to encourage his clients to get enough cardio without slogging away on a treadmill. He says his clients always respond positively after trying it out and look forward to pounding out a few sets during each session. Kickboxing is a low impact workout which means you will get your heart beat pounding in your ears without doing a number on your joints and ligaments.

There are a few classes and coaches around the borough that can get you started in Kickboxing/Boxing. You do not need to invest in your own equipment at first but if you decide to make it a regular thing than getting your own set of gloves, pads, and wraps will set you back about 100$.

The following are a few gyms that offer Kickboxing and Boxing around CDN-NDG-CSL.

MGPT: I’ve been fortunate enough to try Coach Carline’s kickboxing class; she trains you to be hyper conscious of your technique by enforcing consequences such as pushups and burpees if you don’t do something properly. Coach Myriam’s class will make you drop to your knees for mercy, but in a fun way. (No sparring, fitness kickboxing).

Mo Fitness: Coach Moses is a certified boxing coach and enjoys combining a lot of HIIT style techniques to focus on maximum calorie burn while training your muscles to increase stamina. Moses teaches Kickboxing at the Cote Des Neiges Sports Center on Sundays and Gym St Henri on Saturdays. He can also train you individually or in small groups at your home or location of your choice. (No sparring, fitness kickboxing).

Fusion N Fitness(5016 Decarie Blvd) is by appointment only, your first class is free, they have Women’s only Kickboxing, Boxing Bootcamp, Boxing, and Boxing for kids.

YMCA-NDG (4335 Hampton Ave) They don’t offer kickboxing but they do have Boxing a few times a week.

CSL Fitness Kickboxing (5800 Cavendish) They offer exclusively kickboxing classes that don’t involve any sparring. They focus on aerobic and anaerobic workouts, basically kickboxing combined with pushups, squats, and crunches. Stacy is a karate teacher who also teaches adult kickboxing in a large space designed perfectly for martial arts. He is one of the most laid back kickboxing instructors I have encountered which makes for a manageable pace of exercises. (No sparring, fitness kickboxing).

Gym Sambo Montreal (7073 Chemin de la Cote-St-Luc) They offer Women’s only fitness kickboxing as well as MMA style kickboxing. MMA involves actual sparring. They specialize in Russian style MMA, I spoke to Coach Benny about joining a class but their schedule on the website is not up to date so message them on Facebook to confirm times. Our schedules are at odds so I have not been able to try their kickboxing class yet but Coach Benny was really accommodating and patiently explained everything to me on the phone. (No sparring, fitness kickboxing).


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