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NDG | Post Natal Fitness

After giving birth to my daughter by emergency C-Section, I knew that getting back into the gym would be both challenging and delicate. After 6 weeks of recovery, I started with Postnatal yoga videos on YouTube but as an avid cross trainer I was easily bored. I wanted to train harder but was nervous to do too much. Around the 10 week mark, I started to do some body weight training with my husband (a certified personal trainer) and while he had some vague knowledge that crunches were off limits, he wasn’t able to ensure my safety or challenge me appropriately. As if the internet universe could hear my thoughts, I saw an ad on a facebook group for a post-natal workshop at Melons and Clementine in NDG. The workshop is given monthly by Maxine from Maxine Grossman Personal Training (MGPT Studio) and was a comprehensive breakdown of what you can do to start rebuilding your muscles whether you’ve have Ab separation, bladder control issues, or a C-section. I started working out a Maxine’s studio soon after the workshop and was pleased to discover that every trainer there knew about post-natal fitness and was always conscious of my limitations but dedicated to helping me rebuild my muscles. Most trainers, unless they seek out the information, will not know how best to direct new mothers in the gym, leading to potentially dangerous or ineffective workouts. If you’re a new Mom looking to get back into shape, there are a few studios I the area that can help you out. Personally, I find Postnatal yoga dead boring, but I did like how I could slowly rediscover my muscles without making any mistakes. Since I had a C-Section, I had to be extra careful, I started Postnatal yoga after 6 weeks and then around 10 weeks I started some light body weight exercises but nothing that would strain my abs. At 12 weeks I started back in the gym at MGPT. The following are some gyms/studios that can assist you in getting into shape after you have a baby. Some places offer Mommy-Baby classes, which is a great way to bond with your baby.

MGPT 5582A Sherbrooke St W They don’t have Mommy-Baby classes here but you can bring your pre-crawling baby. For safety reasons, toddlers are not allowed to come but once your child can sit and play safely for an hour you can bring them. Studio Vie 4550 Avenue Montclair

They offer pre and post natal classes. Most of the classes are Mommy-Baby classes. Modo Yoga

They offer a Mommy-Baby yoga class. Dee Perusse, the instructor is really knowledgeable and uses part of the class as a sort of group therapy session where Mom’s can share their recent Mom struggles or victories. NDG Sports Center

They have “Aqua-Poussette”, Mommy-Baby Yoga, and Bootcamp. I haven’t tried their bootcamp but I did try the yoga class and I attended Aqua-Poussette for a few weeks before I went back to work. I found the Yoga class very boring, but at that time I had moved on to more strenuous activity. Aqua-Poussette was a really nice low-impact cardio workout for about 30 minutes while your baby bops around in the floating boats. After the fitness part of the class, everyone took their babies to the small pool for a little swimming lesson.

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