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Hello everyone, I hope all is well with the Spring coming and the time change. You know, sometimes, you don't feel like cooking because you got home late or, you just need a break. I like to do some meal prep, not just for your lunches , but for dinners too. I’m not a fan of pre-made store bought stuff. I like to know what I'm eating and I want it to be tasty and fresh. I have a couple of exceptions. There are a few good choices at Costco. They have pre-made broccoli chicken. They even have instant mashed potatoes that are very tasty. It's good once in a while. From freezer to table in 35 minutes. Or sometimes, you treat yourself to a nice restaurant meal.

I thought I would highlight a restaurant in Ottawa this time, so we went to EVOO on Preston St. By the time we decided on where to go, it was 3pm on a Saturday. When I called to make a reservation, I couldn’t get anything before 8pm. Maybe it's a sign I'm getting older because I would’ve preferred a little earlier, but it was perfectly fine since I called late for same day reservation. What's cool is that they have a reservation confirmation system via text message, otherwise they call you to confirm.

The décor is modern and fresh with dimmed lighting, matching the cool beats. This is a Greek restaurant, but with a different approach from previous Greek places I’ve been too. You don’t have your whole meal in one plate. They promote sharing. I believe there have been changes to the menu since they last updated it on their website. This said, it’s a little bit like ordering Chinese food in the sense that you order a bunch of different dishes and share. The server was very helpful and pleasant. They serve water in a glass bottle which I love. Ok. You might think I'm kooky, but I think water tastes better coming from glass then from a plastic pitcher. It's like drinking wine from a plastic cup or from crystal. There's a difference. I’m rambling about the taste of water, but hey, it’s a nice touch.

We ordered ½ a Chicken Padakia, a Spanakopita, a Greek Salad, and a Grilled Octopus. The chicken is grilled and flavored with herbs and tastes great when you squeeze that lemon on it. They kind of tear it apart so it's easier to share pieces. The Spanakopita is a pretty big rectangle of yummy phyllo pastry, feta cheese and spinach. I really enjoyed it. The Greek salad was everything you're used to seeing in a Greek salad, but without the lettuce, so, tomatoes, olives, cucumber, a slab of feta and a tasty vinaigrette. The Grilled Octopus was nicely seasoned and very tasty, served on a small navy bean salad.

I found the prices to be a bit wonky, and mostly pricey. The salad was 19 bucks which was definitely too expensive. The chicken was plentiful, but at that price, you would hope to not have the sides included. Same thing with the octopus. The piece was rather small. The spanakopita’s price was fine in today's standards. It was a costly dinner, but everything was very tasty. This said, I think we didn’t plan it out well. I think there's a better approach to this menu. It's excellent if you want to share a platter of ocean treats. The seafood boards are pretty impressive. I recommend the place if you like that type of food. Just be mindful of what you order. EVOO has tasty food and a really cool vibe! Enjoy until next time! Buon apetito!

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