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Hello all, How are you all dealing with this Covid-19 thing? Will it change us as a society? I hope it changes us for the better. Remember the good habits. Remember to be kind. Be more efficient. Be more prepared with a plan B, in case we have to go through this again. I like that restaurants and stores are promoting delivery and take out. I’m good with washing hands and disinfecting things I touch. One thing I’m bad at is touching my face. I’ve definitely become more conscious of this. I try to act like I have raw chicken juice on my hands.

We’ve seen the ugly people who hoarded things to the point of not leaving enough for the others, then try to sell the stuff on websites. We’ve seen the good people who help their neighbours, friends, family and elderly people. I hope we keep seeing the kindness beyond Covid-19. Let it be a sociological reboot.

I'm very grateful to work from home for now. I hope more people start listening to the safety measures. A lot has been said and shared on the topic. We can’t say it enough. Wash hands often and for at least 20 minutes. You travelled or come in contact with a non isolated person who travelled, self isolate please. A lot of travellers felt the need to lie about symptoms just to be able to come back home. Be patient if you must go to the store. Be patient and keep a healthy distance from others. Wait your turn to stand in front of a shelf to take your pick. If you are in distress and need to call 911, please be truthful on the protocol questions. Emergency personnel will use proper precautions and will be able to help you and everyone else who needs help. If someone lies and medics, fire or police get sick, they will have to go into isolation. We don’t need less of them. We need more of them.

Ok. Food! I get to eat yummy home cooked food all the time now. Going shopping is a bit of a challenge. Must shop with an opened mind. Try not to waste. Try to use precooked ingredients in other meals. Had a small piece of chicken breast and a wee bit of bacon left over from other meals. I chopped them up and threw them on my nachos for lunch. I made a lot of white rice the other day. I sautéed a diced yellow onion, added leftover creamy garlic sauce and through in some of that rice. Excellent. Tools! I have a “Gotham' steel cooking sheet. Super non stick! Awesome to make chicken wings. Not awesome for cookies. They kinda burn the bottom of my cookies without cooking the tops.

For the wings, I turn them 2 or 3 times while they're baking. I don’t like to fry them. They're fatty enough. In the summer, I put them on the bbq. Anyway, for the last little bit, I pour the sauce in there and let them cook. What a yummy mess! Thankfully, “Gotham” is very easy to wash.

Speaking of cookies, I have a cookie recipe you can use to be kind and share, or to enjoy yourself if you’re a covid hermit. Regardless, make sure to disinfect everything you’re using, from the cooking tools to the packaging of the ingredients, to the door handles you touch between hand-washing.

This recipe is a mix and match of flavours of your choice. Easy Peasy and yummy as …. Well, you know..

Here’s the base cookie recipe:

-1 box of cake mix (whichever flavour you want)

-2 eggs

-1/2 Cup oil (I like melted coconut oil. Not too hot so you don’t cook the eggs while you’re mixing)

-1/2 Cup yummy treat of your choice (chocolate chips, dried fruit, scores bits, etc.).

Warm oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Lightly grease a cookie pan. Mix all the ingredients. Roll the dough into 1 1/2” balls. For some recipes, you may even roll the balls into icing sugar. It kinda makes a crackle or glazy finish as the cookie cooks and cools. Bake for 10-12 minutes depending on your oven or pan you use. Let cool and enjoy…

Here are a few flavour ideas:

- Chocolate cake

- Praline peanuts

- Rolled in icing sugar (never fails)

- Vanilla cake

- Orange zest and chopped dried cranberries

- Rolled in icing sugar (tastes like Fruit Loops)

- White cake

- Chocolate chips (good old classic flavour)

- Spice cake

- Chopped candied ginger

- Substitute a tablespoon of oil for a tablespoon of molasses (nicely gingerbready)

- Lemon cake

- White chocolate chips and a bit of powdered dried lavender

- Rolled in icing sugar (fancy shmancy/ you could put the lavender in the icing sugar instead of in the dough)

The possibilities are endless. Please use your imagination with things you have at home. I know cookies are not the healthiest thing to eat, but if it makes us happy, it makes it a bit healthier. Smile. Enjoy close ones. Do the best you can with what you have. Kumbaya!!

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