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DOWNTOWN MONTREAL | Nun's Island and its Treasures

Updated: Apr 12

For the past three years, I have had my ups and downs and there is nothing like physical movement to set you back on track for your mind and body. And tracks and paths, there are many in the beautiful Nun’s island.

Don’t start with the ‘it’s too far and I will get stuck into traffic’. Nun’s island is only 7 minutes away from Downtown Montreal once you get on the 10 Highway from Robert-Bourassa. By bus, it’s 20 minutes…. most places even in the city of Montreal take you around 30 minutes to get to your destination.

You don’t like walking, no problem, there are as many bicycle roads and paths and you can hop on a Bixi and get here or ride on the numerous paths through the island and on bridges too. You can also wear your roller or whatever kind of wheels makes you get moving. Ideal as well for walks with stroller, pets and family time with many many parks. They also have parks with fountains that you can enjoy for the rest of the summer.

The scenery between the forest, the lake and the Gulf

are just a therapy for the soul where you can connect to nature. And in the enchanted forest, you can also feed ducks, see turtles, squirrels and many other species indicated by informative panels.

As mentioned before, multiple parks are to be enjoyed and explored and you can bring your favorite picnic treats or enjoy the restaurants or charming coffee or snack stops on the island. There are a variety of taste and cuisine, whether you want to share a pizza with your family, have Thai food, Vietnamese, sushi, Italian, Mediterranean or French gastronomy. Whatever your pallet or your wallet, Nun’s island restaurants will greet you warmly.

Besides all those activities, there is another hidden jewel you can find in Nun’s island: Ström Spa. You usually have to drive up between 1 to 2 hours to reach one of those Spas that makes you disconnect with the city. Well, in this Spa, you can relax in the eucalyptus hammam, the saunas, as well as enjoying the fire while watching the lake and the trees as if you were in a remote place up North. It’s so close to you that you can schedule your Spa get-away within 3 hours doorstep to doorstep. The Spa has also delicious and original snacks and drinks such as rose petal tea with milk. The massages can also be given outdoors in tents. A smile and relaxed body and mind is guaranteed when you exit. Special events can also be organized.

So whatever is your target (move, eat, relax, BBQ or nature bonding), there is nothing you can’t find on this growing island full of life so make the time for yourself and/or family and organize your escapade that offers unforgettable views and moments to be shared and experienced.

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