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Gyms and fitness studios are shut down and personal trainers should not be making house calls at a time when we’re all supposed to be social distancing in order to curb the spread of novel coronavirus. That being said, 2 weeks or longer, depending on what happens is a long time to sit at home with only the prospect of a walk to get your heart pumping. Many people are unaccustomed to working out at home, they may not know what to do without a room full of machines, or how to get in the recommended amount of cardio in a tiny studio apartment without disturbing the neighbours below. So what can you do to keep your fitness regime up and running until you can get back in the gym.

Live Classes

The good news is; many gyms will be hosting live online classes for their members to do at home. So far the local studios and gyms that are doing live classes are MGPT, Paradigm, Modo Yoga, and ELMNT. Some studios are asking for a small fee, others accept donations, and some are just free.

Online FItness

If your gym isn’t providing online classes, then you can always head to YouTube to search the endless amount of fitness classes that exist on their network or go to or POPSUGAR videos on YouTube for a comprehensive database of great quality workout videos. There are also numerous apps you can download to set you on the right track. Check out Instagram and Facebook for a treasure trove of Fitspiration from all types of personal trainers and fitness enthusiasts. MoFitness posts videos on Facebook, of daily isolation fitness tips from his house that require little or no gym equipment.

The Accountability Factor

These resources are great for those who are self-motivated but some people are not so responsible. Many people use the gym regularly because they pay for it which motivates them, but others need the accountability of keeping a schedule with a personal trainer, or making plans with a workout buddy. If you miss your workout buddy, you can make skype date workout sessions or have a friendly competition to see who can workout the most during the lockdown.

Hire a Virtual Trainer

There are those who only excel with a trainer, in that case your best bet for a successful shut in would be to hire a virtual trainer. Considering every trainer in Quebec is currently out of work and may not qualify for EI, hiring a virtual trainer will help them out but also keep you accountable. The rates are generally cheaper than hiring a trainer at the gym. MoFitness run by an NDG local, can train you via Skype, Zoom, and Facetime or he can set you up with a workout plan to follow week to week with regularly scheduled virtual check ins.

Staying active when you’re stuck inside with nothing but hours upon hours ahead of you is actually surprisingly difficult. When you get complacent about sitting on the sofa numbing your brain with hours of television and snacks, it can be hard to force yourself into any kind of schedule. Yet during these uncertain and troubling times, exercise is one of the best ways to reduce anxiety and stress and keep you healthy.

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