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MONTREAL-OUEST | My Winter Skincare Routine

Updated: Apr 12

If you’ve been following my blog, you know that I have sensitive / combination skin. These cold Montreal, winters tend to dry out the dryer parts of my skin like crazy and make my redness more apparent, so I really need extra care in the wintertime.

The following skincare routine is what I use morning & night.

I always turn to a more moisturizing & brightening routine in the wintertime & these products are some of my favorites!

Best way to wake up: Wash your face with a great facial cleanser! I am currently using the Innisfree Bija Trouble Facial Foam (K-beauty) & my skin is loving it. It’s formulated with Bija seed oil (helps nourish and enhance skin’s natural defense barrier to protect from contaminants), Salicylic Acid (a mild exfoliant that can also reduce can sebum secretion, which is another way it can help reduce acne) & Rose Crysta or Rose Petal Extract (rich in antioxidants that boosts collagen production and strengthens skin cells and tissue). I’ve been wanting to try K-Beauty skincare for some time now & I’m SOOO glad that I did!

After cleaning my face, I turn to my Pixi Beauty Vitamin C Tonic (approx. $17). Vitamin C has potent antioxidant power, promotes healthy collagen production and is known to boost skin luminosity. Not only does this tone & brighten, but it’s also so refreshing! I only tone my skin every other day since vitamin c can be a little harsh on sensitive skin when overused.

I follow up with gently patting my face with my all-time favorite serum: Clarins Double Serum. (approx. $95) This serum is enriched with 21 plant extracts that optimize the performance of the skin’s five vital functions: hydration, nutrition, oxygenation, regeneration, and protection. Yup! This stuff is pretty much the anti-aging holy grail. I would definitely recommend this to everyone and anyone with aging/damaged skin!!

After letting my serum soak completely into my skin, I grab my winter time, moisturizing BFF: NUXE Crème fraîche de beauté. (approx. $40) This moisturizer is infused with a combination of Vegetable Milks and Algae Extract which help provide you with 48 hours of hydration & protection from pollution! Both of my sisters use this cream as well & we all swear by it.

If I’m looking for extra hydration after all of that is said & done, I go for my Pixi Beauty Rose Oil Blend (approx. $45), a nourishing face oil with a rich source of botanical extracts & vitamin E that help protect, nourish & strengthen skin. This stuff is also amazing if you want an extra glow to your base when doing your makeup, just add 1-2 drops to your foundation & voila! a dewy dream!

I mostly use this product right before bed so my skin is nice & moisturized all night.

My final step: the Pixi Beauty On-The-Glow Multi-Use Moisture Stick (approx. $30). I use this product on my lips every morning & throughout the day as needed. Formulated with a mix of gentle acids & vitamins, it helps protect, treat and increase moisture level immediately & long term. I used to have such dry, cracked lips almost all year round, but since I started using this moisture stick, it’s been a definite game changer!! I also use it on my cuticles, elbows & knees who also tend to get extremely dry throughout the winter months.

That’s all for today beauties!! I’m hoping this will help someone out & inspire some #SelfCare this winter! These products are also amazing holiday gifts, (Maybe not for your significant other, they may get slightly offended if you buy them any sort of anti-aging / facial improvement kit LOL!)

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