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HALIFAX | Mexican Cuisine: Mexi’s

Updated: Apr 12

This weekend my spouse and I de to go out to eat at Mexi’s. This is the first time we’ve been to their restaurant since they moved and rebranded. It was very busy so I didn’t take any photos inside, just for everyone’s privacy. However, the outside of their building is beautiful as well. Please enjoy the photo of their banner and the mural outside.

So I’m always really excited when they just bring me chips and salsa. I could just eat chips and salsa all my life and be okay. They are very strategic with these chips too. They’re salty to make you want to drink a lot of tasty alcohol with it. It’s okay though, because I had my original margarita to wash it down with! Their margaritas have always been delicious and well mixed. You can even order them as a pitcher as well! They have lots of options for shareable food, so it is a great location to meet up with friends for food and drinks.

We started off with the Con Queso Dip. It was hot, cheesy and spicy with jalapenos! It was tolerable by my spouse who doesn’t overly like spicy foods. I thought it was perfect, and delicious. I would recommend any day. I believe it has bell peppers in it as well. Whatever it has, it was a great combination. You should definitely try it out!

Then we both had the chimichangas. Deadpool may have been a deciding factor for one of us, don’t judge. I have a pretty high tolerance for spice, so I found that the rice was bland. This could be because of the amount of spice I consumed before I ate the rice. My spouse said it was spicy. Refried beans taste like they always do. They’re heavy and a good part of the meal. Helps give you that full feeling. Now, the chimichangas themselves were amazingly delicious. The inside was stuffed and full of flavour. The red sauce is spicy, and the beige sauce was cheesy and smooth tasting. The beige sauce was my favorite of the two, but they are both delicious.

We decided to end the meal with fried cheesecake. When I see cheesecake, I usually need to have it. I highly considered the churros but how could I pass up what I knew would be creamy and smooth on the inside? The texture was amazing. The cheesecake is wrapped in a tortilla before being fried. It is then topped with cinnamon. You can also get whipped cream and chocolate sauce, but I opted out of them this time. The outside was crispy and flaky, and the inside was smooth and delicious. If cheesecake is your deal, then you should definitely try this!

I loved the whole experience. This was a great experience overall. It is a moderate-expensive location, so it is a great date night place. It’s not an everyday place for me, but I will definitely be back. Their margaritas are calling my name!


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