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MONTREAL-OUEST | Le Cordon: An Italian easter egg in the heart of Montreal-Ouest.

Updated: Apr 12

What's Roasting?

I have always been a pasta and pizza enthusiast. Since a young age, I've been quite a picky eater which led me to fall under the diet of pizza, and pasta. Because you can't really go wrong with those things can you?

My opinion of those two things quickly shifted when I stumbled upon Le Cordon. In the heart of Montreal-Ouest right off of highway 20, I found the heart and -- soul of my dreams. This restaurant is truly like no other. As soon as I walked in I was greeted, and treated like one of them- and that's all part of the experience. You get to be apart of the restaurant by making your own pizza! Being a vegetarian, my toppings included mushrooms, tomatoes, kale and much more. Even if I wasn't craving pizza- their menu is endless. They are known for their iconic ribs and steaks. They also have a variety of pasta and fish options as well. Also to add- they have options for kids so, it's fun for the whole family.

Another thing that dawned on me was the interior design. It has the perfect mix of modern and retro. With the chic black and silver architecture, the red furniture gives a splash of red vintage while your dining.

Le Cordon is perfect for any occasion. I was blown away with the customer care and my overall lovely experience I had there. It's the place to be for a romantic date, or even a brunch with the gals. They also have a reception hall- which is perfect for any event you want to host - a perk is that you'll be hosting in the place with the pizza that's to die for.

I highly suggest you take a turn off of highway 20, and have a slice for lunch. Le Cordon is the easter egg of Montreal-Ouest and I truly believe I came across something special.

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