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HALIFAX | Korean Cultural Event

Updated: Apr 12

November 30th was the first ever Korean Culture Event hosted by Sarah & Tom’s Halifax. With this they decided to bring an event to showcase different aspects of Korean culture. From fans singing their favorite songs by Korean artists, to martial arts demonstrations and even a KPop dance battle!

If you haven’t been to Sarah & Tom’s yet, it is a great place to go for any of your Kpop needs or to try and find amazing anime memorabilia. They have a wide selection, and are always restocking amazing products.

Some parts of Korean culture have been within the city for quite some time. Such as food places and martial arts. Recently, there has been a large influx of visible Kpop fans and it’s a booming phenomenon.

While only becoming more involved in Korean culture and Kpop recently, I have had some favorite KPop songs and artists for quite awhile. However, ever since Psy broke into the market I have noticed the influx in demand and visibility of Kpop in this side of the world. I remember when BTS became huge here, and everyone was looking for the magazines with them on the cover. I thought this was such an awesome and cool turn of events.

So with this Korean Culture Event, I was excited to see everything I could! Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to stay for the whole event, but I was there for almost two hours and was able to see some amazing demonstrations and brave souls who dared to get on stage for a singing competition.

I decided to sport Bebegom’s keychain going to the event in honor of the ongoing protests in support of Monsta X, as well as to see if I ran into any other Monbebe (the fandom name for those who like Monsta X). I was delightfully surprised to run into some right away, and we shared words of support and our sadness. It was nice to have a chance to chat with locals as I don’t personally know many into Monsta X or Kpop in general.

While there we saw some amazing demonstrations. The first was Haidong Gumdo, who did an amazing job. Gumdo (검도) is the Korean sword study. The demonstrations showed amazing control, and beautiful forms. They are located within Woo Yong’s Taekwondo Academy on Kemp’s Road.

Next we saw a demonstration of Combat Hapkido by East Coast Hapkido. They showed us various methods to disarm someone with a gun, or a stick-like weapon. As well as defenses against strikes, including pressure points. They stressed that this Hapkido was for self-defense specifically.

The last demonstration I saw was for Paragon Taekwondo. They displayed their openness to all age groups, by having very young students, to adult students in the demonstration. They showed us different technique trainings such as for precision, or for force. As well as the famous board breaking, to show they are applying the techniques appropriately. One of the groups was even a family who trains together. It was a lot of fun to watch.

I saw a few singers perform songs on stage, and give kudos to their amazing talent and courage to get up on that stage and sing in a different language! Way to go to all the competitors, and congratulations to the winner(s)!

I wish I could have been there for the dance competition, I bet the competition was fierce and amazing!

I apologize for the lack of photos, but with it being a new event and was smaller, I was drawn completely in on what was happening and forgot to take pictures!

Here is hoping to seeing this event again next year, with a bigger turn out and more amazing things to see!

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