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WEST-ISLAND | Hot Beverages, Cooler Weather, and Great Adventures through Books.

Updated: Apr 12

When was the last time you picked up a book, a physical book – over 200 pages of adventure, mystery, biographies and even recipes. Or have we all moved forward to the tablets, ebooks, audio tapes (have to say these are good sitting in traffic or distance travelling.).

I remember in Grade 2, Mrs. Raué, yes that was her name, had us put our heads on our desks and she handed out the very best Christmas present, that I still remember forty se….something years later. She had us put our hands over our heads and all 27 of us received a book. It was magical.

I lift my hat to Mrs. Raué for giving me the LOVE of reading. Nancy Drew, Bobsey Twins, and Hardy Boys were all my friends, friends I grew up going on adventures with, but the book that most impacted me was Charlotte’s Web. Wilbur and Charlotte were my first literary characters that I invested my heart for 192 pages. I gave them my voice and they took me with them on their journey.

What I ask you now is, do you, on days that it rains, make yourself a warm beverage, find the comfiest seat in the house/apartment, with a snuggly blanket and a bound tome and escape? You can travel to destinations that you can only afford to go and the great adventures, if you win the lottery or you can revert to your childhood and grow with some of the best series from Youth Authors.

As you read this, I can hear you thinking, this is all fine and good, but books are not cheap and after you read them you will not read them again. Books can be found in thrift stores or online for fractions of their actual costs. I have been known to travel distances to purchase books from people who also have invested in these characters and the smile as they pass it on to you, hoping you will have the same connection, is priceless.

The downside to passing on books is that sometimes you are so invested in the characters, as much as you want to share them with friends and family, you can not bring yourself to part with the book (that is me). However, in recent months I have realized that these pockets of travel, love and friendship needs to be passed on.

Have you seen the Little Free Libraries? They look like birdhouses for books. The books are free with the understanding you take one and leave one. I am thinking of starting one at the end of my driveway next summer. If you can not find a Little Free Library, your local library is your best bet. There are many groups on social media that you can join for FREE! And find friends to talk about what you have read. You may just enjoy it.

Harry, Jo March and Mr. Darcy are waiting for you and if you are looking for something spicier, Christian Grey is available.


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