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HALIFAX | Hi Tea: Cheese Tea

Updated: Apr 12

Just recently I discovered that in Glenbourne Plaza (480 Parkland Dr.) there is a tea shop! They’re called Hi Tea, stylized as H! TEA. They have bubble tea, milk teas, slushies, fruit teas, milkshakes, and cheese teas!

Check out their menu!

I heard about cheese tea a few months ago, and have wanted to try it myself! In case you don’t know, cheese tea is typically cold black tea (with or without milk), that is slightly sweetened and topped with a whipped cream cheese topping and sprinkled with salt. This sounded interesting to me, though I wasn’t sure how good it would be!

Their cups are awesome; They’re a nice plastic, that is totally reusable, and so are the tops depending on how you use them! They have a spot where you can poke a straw through, as well as a mouth piece that has a plug, which adorably has a plug that looks like a heart!

So, you’re probably wondering how it tastes. Well, it’s slightly different depending on if you drink it with a straw, or from the lid. I’ll tell you a bit about both experiences,

as I’ve tried it both ways.

First, if you drink it with a straw, you are leaving the topping completely until the end. So you’re drinking the black tea completely first. I order mine just completely standard, so I don’t make any adjustments. So it’s slightly sweet black tea with no milk. If you’ve ever drank a black tea, especially orange pekoe, with nothing in it, just imagine that cold and slightly sweetened. Then at the end you get the thick cream cheese, which is sweet and salty because of the salt topping. As it’s almost gone, you get a nice frothy smooth texture.

If you drink from the lid, you’ll get a mouthful of the topping first with a little bit of tea. It can be a little alarming if you’re not expecting that texture or taste in your mouth.

However, it is a nice creamy taste and feels more like drinking tea that is sweetened and mixed with heavy cream. Once enough room allows, you will move into just drinking the tea, until you have about half the amount of tea as the cream cheese topping. Then it quickly because a thinner version of the topping, until you reach the end when it’s just frothy foam finish.

I would definitely recommend giving it a try, it’ll be a new unique experience for you! If cheese tea isn’t your thing, maybe one of their other awesome drinks are! Their brown sugar milk tea is very tasty as well, and is almost like a liquid dessert.

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