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OTTAWA | Grazing Table

Updated: Apr 1

Valentine's Day went by. Family Day went by. Ottawa's Winterlude came and gone. Spring break is upon some of us. Time to tap maple trees for some people, and hope to get a fruitful maple syrup season. Sugar shack time is coming soon. We'll get back to that in a post or two.

But.. What will we do until then? Go outside in the sun for a few minutes and get the Winter blues out of our system. Get a cool gang together and organize a chill casual shing ding!

I stumbled upon this thing called a Grazing Table! Oh la la! It's like a cheese platter, a fruit platter, veggie platter, charcuterie platter all in one and right on a table that everyone can graze at during the whole party! It's very exciting! Before I go on. Charcuterie is a French word for cured meats and you pronounce it “sharkutry”.

Some people are not too comfortable laying food right on the table so they create a giant platter or combine stuff in plates and some right on the table. Does it look like a regular buffet? Not really. You can't see the table or bottom of the platter.

Some people add a few individual sized baked goods and sandwiches that you can easily eat with your fingers. Also, you don't even have to be a good cook. You just have to be a good at putting things together to make it visually pleasing. It looks like a feast! I think people use a few plates within the grazing table to save time.

Things that take a bit more work and things that need refrigeration could be made in plates. Just make sure the plates are super covered. The grazing table is not necessarily cheap, but it's relatively easy. You can prepare ahead of time and enjoy your company. Doesn’t require cooking during the party. You could also make it a theme for different times of the year.

Just remember a few rules:

- Visually pleasing

- Surface of the table is completely covered with food Bite or 2bite size

- Foods that are not messy.

- Foods that don’t require utensils once it leaves the table

- Leave plenty of room to mingle around the table

I’m sure there more rules. I didn’t have the opportunity to make one yet, but I hope you will look it up online. Use foods of different beautiful colors. Throw in some nuts, jams or dips, macarons, etc. You can make wraps and cut them appetizer size.

Look, when I saw this concept, I thought it was awesome! Seems like grazing table have been gracing the internet for a couple of years. It appears I may have been under a rock. I encourage you to enjoy this. Doesn’t have to be a big surface, just plentiful. Mostly, it is about enjoying company and enjoying whatever food is on the grazing table/platter whenever you like. It's all about fun! Bon Appetit!

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