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DOWNTOWN MONTREAL | Going Out in your Late 20's

When I was in my early 20s, I went out every single weekend. Fridays and/or Saturdays and sometimes even Mondays (thank you UP Club for your Viva las-Mondays…you will truly be missed). Rain or shine, you would see me on St. Laurent enjoying Montreal’s nightlife. While my younger cousins and siblings keep insisting that I’m still “young” and “cool” (except for my sister who’s 10 years younger than me…she told me I was way too old), times have definitely changed.

So, I've put together a little list of tips for partying in your late 20s!

Tips for partying in your late 20s:

Nap before: Laugh all you want but this has seriously become a requirement before going out. Especially if it’s a Friday night and you’ve worked all day. Getting a solid 1-2 hour nap between 9-11pm will give you the energy you need to last through the night. When my cousin Gabriella and I went to Vegas a few summers ago, we would go for dinner then head back to the hotel to sleep from 11-1am and THEN go to the clubs. All the featured DJs would only come out around 1am anyways, so we really weren’t losing out on anything. Vegas was a little special (we slept 12 hours over the span of 4 days) but hey, naps help you survive!

Pay for coat check: Raise your hand if you’ve ever left your coat and winter boots in your car and then had to RUN to the club/bar freezing your butt off just so that you wouldn’t have to pay for coat check. Been there, done that!! And I’ve grown up enough to realize it really isn’t worth it. Fork up the $3 and pay for coat check. Or risk getting a pneumonia. Decision is yours.

Wear reasonable shoes: I absolutely love heels and would never tell you NOT to wear them. But please, for the love of all Louboutins, don’t wear them if you can’t walk in them! Half the fun of sitting in the window at Juliette & Chocolate on the corner of St. Laurent and Prince Arthur is having a front row view of the hilarious girls attempting to walk in shoes that are way too high. Better known as “Bambi legs”, these teeter-tottering ladies showcase the truth behind why you should wear reasonable shoes. If you can’t walk in them, you look a little ridiculous. And you’ll be worrying about your ability to walk/dance all night instead of enjoying yourself. Also, if it’s the dead of winter, wear close-toed shoes or risk losing one of them. Plain and simple.

Carpool: This one is in case your nap time tries to turn into a full-nights sleep. By carpooling, you either have to get out of bed because your friends are depending on you or if you’re the one being picked up, your friends will bang down your door to get you out of bed. No option for bailing at the last minute because you can’t get yourself out of bed.

Leave early: I really don’t need to stay at a club until 3am when the lights turn on to see the filthy drink-spilled floor with napkins stuck all over it and then sit in traffic for an hour as everyone tries to leave. No thank you. Personally, I think I’ve found a sweet spot: arrive around 11:30pm and head out around 1:30am. You get a solid couple of hours of dancing and can still beat the line at the $2 chow-mein place. Everyone’s happy!

Do you have any additional tips or tricks to survive going out in your late 20s? Comment below!

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