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DOWNTOWN MONTREAL | Finding Serenity Amidst the Chaos

Updated: Apr 12

Rejuvenate your mind and body on your lunch break with Yoga @WorkBase/

With all the havoc, our city’s infrastructure upgrades are having on our downtown core, getting

to and from work downtown can be hectic at best or induce real stress and anxiety at worst.

Navigating the wire fence maze while jack hammers thunder through your cerebral cortex as

you stare into a pit of concrete despair, is a veritable panic attack waiting to happen. If you’re

like me, just the mere site of all the roads in disarray makes me uncomfortable and I will do

anything to avoid being in close proximity to the mess. Fortunately, I do not have to spend too

much time downtown these days but if I did, I would be incredibly pleased to discover Yoga @

WorkBase currently held 3 times a week.

@WorkBase is a coworking space that turns into a yoga studio on Tuesday and Thursday from

12:15-13h and Wednesday from 8-8h45. Each session is 10$ and you can reserve your spot

through They change the type of yoga offered each time but it’s usually a

variation of Hatha or Flow Yoga which is excellent for beginners but still feels great if you’re a

little more advanced; especially after sitting in an office chair all morning.

Yoga @ WorkBase is an accessible and affordable way to escape the hullabaloo and bliss out in

Savasana on your lunch break before heading back to the grind.

@Work Base is located at 486 Rue St Catherine O on the 2 nd floor. Book your spot in advance

through Mats are available and there is a changing room on site.

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