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HALIFAX | Famously Yours, Darrell’s

Updated: Apr 12

Today, for the first time ever, I went and ate at Darrell’s. As a Haligonian, I’m sure some would say it’s sacrilege it took me this long! I would mostly agree, since it’s been on my bucket list of food joints to visit for awhile!

I’m sorry to disappoint you, but as I am not a peanut butter fan, the main focus of this article will not be there! However, I do promise we will discuss the peanut butter burger from my fiancé’s perspective.

I knew going in that I needed a milkshake, and it was definitely going to be a creamsicle one! Creamsicle, when done properly, is one of my favorite ice pop flavours. I went in skeptical, but Darrell’s made me a believer! They nailed that beautiful combination of orange and the creamy center of a creamsicle perfectly. The milkshake was thick, old school, and amazingly delicious. I would also just like to give props to the fact they serve these beauties with paper straws!

Their soup of the day was beef and barley. I was excited for this, because it is a great cold weather soup! The broth resembled that of a vegetable soup. Very thin, but full of flavour. The beef was tender and fell apart in your mouth, and the barley cooked perfectly so that it still had a slight bite, but wasn’t hard. I really enjoyed this soup. If I had to think of a complaint, it would be that the green onions were very strong and did tend to take over the soup when I ended up with them in a spoonful.

After I finished this, I wanted to try their renowned homemade corn chowder. Corn chowder has been a favourite of mine since I was little, and I had high expectations. While it tasted good, for the hype around it I felt let down. I was a little shocked when it was presented to me with cheese on top, but I kept an open mind. I didn’t taste the cheese much, it was more of a textural thing, and maybe added a bit of saltiness to the soup. I was very underwhelmed with the flavour, and honestly have forgotten how it tasted in only a couple hours. I’ll just keep on eating my homemade version from the Joy of Cooking for now!

Now, I tried a couple things from my fiancé and friend’s meals, so I’ll tell you about my experience with those aspects before getting into my fiancé’s thoughts on the peanut butter burger!

My fiancé had Darrell’s fries with his burger. Which in essence, is just crispy seasoned wedges. They are probably the best wedges I have had so far in the city, but I’m a sucker for crispy fries.

While they don’t particularly need a dipping sauce, my friend had their curry mayo with her food. When she offered me some, I couldn’t say no! Their curry mayo is one of the more “curry intense” ones that I have had. With that in mind, it is not a bad thing! They walk a magical line between too much and perfect, that the balance is just right. It makes a perfect dip for fries, especially sweet potato fries!

My fiancé also had the vanilla peanut butter milkshake, and while I don’t like peanut butter, I was very curious. The best way I can put it, is if you love creamy peanut butter, and the thought of that mixed with vanilla ice cream sounds amazing, this milkshake is for you. It was way too much peanut butter for me, but for my spouse who adores peanut butter, it was heaven.

Now I know you’re all waiting for this, the moment of truth. What did my peanut butter loving fiancé think of the peanut butter burger? He loved it. He said it was a great addition to an already tasty burger. He said he was surprised it was standard cheeseburger toppings, with the addition of peanut butter. He said the peanut butter didn’t overpower the burger like he had worried, and that the stickiness gave a nice surprise texture to the burger. He would definitely recommend it!

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