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WEST-ISLAND | Eco-Friendly Accessories That Make A Difference

Updated: Apr 12

Todays blog post is going to be a little bit different from my usual product reviews & makeup posts.

Today is all about HAPPYBELUGA.CA!

What is Happy Beluga? 

Happy Beluga is a Montreal based brand that offers handmade & sustainable accessories such as; wooden sunglasses, handmade jewelry, headwear, reusable straws & more!

The brands main focus is to help raise awareness about the continuously dropping population of the Beluga Whales that visit our St. Lawrence River every summer. My ABSOLUTE FAVORITE thing about this brand is that they donate 1$ from every sale to GREMM! (Group for Research and Education on Marine Mammals), a non-profit organization committed to scientific research on the whales of the St. Lawrence River and education to promote marine conservation. I am 100% for that cause!!

Another  favourite thing about this brand is that they hand craft their adorable jewelry pieces using a mix of recycled MTL sterling silver & sterling silver to really give you an actual piece of Montreal to call your own!

My First Impression on their Products.

The brand very kindly & generously sent me one of their hand-knitted Merino Wool Toques & a pair of their top-sellers: The Right Bamboo Sunglasses for reviewing & sharing with you all. How sweet is that? (Another HUGE thank you to the Happy Beluga team, if you are reading this, UN GROS MERCI!)

My first impression of the sunglasses was OMG COOL, A WOODEN CASE! Lol. How freakin’ cool is that though?! It can be re-used in so many different ways & it is super light weight so it’s also travel friendly! As for the glasses themselves, they seem to be very sturdy & well made! I find the shape super cute & they are a great way to add a pop of color to your outfit! They are also great for driving if you are someone who gets snowblind easily! I have sensitive eyes so these work great for me.

The handles are made out of bamboo wood so they are also super light-weight & I find them to be much more comfortable than the usual bulky plastic handles. If that doesnt have you sold, just look at those lenses!!

The Hand-Knit Merino Wool Tuque has to be my favorite item they sent to me! ♥  The knitting is SO well done! It’s really stretchy making it suitable for most head sizes & it’s SO warm! (Great for our chilly Montreal winters!) 

The cutest part about their winter hat collection is that they can come with or without a huge, fluffy (recycled fur) pompom in the color that you choose yourself! How fun is that?! They just pin right onto the hat so you could mix & match with friends & family! I also found them to be super cute as one of those fluffy pompom purse accents everyones wearing! Also a super cute stocking stuffer idea for the holidays! 

They have so many more hand-made & sustainable accessories & goods to offer, I really suggest that you check them out!! I’m pretty confident that you will find something you (or a loved one) will vibe with!!


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