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OTTAWA | Eat your way through Ottawa- some of my favourite hidden gems.

Updated: Apr 12

Bonjour everyone!

I hope you all had a fantastic holiday season! As always, I’m always grateful for family and friends, and good food… In my family, we always have a traditional turkey meal every year, but we also have another day within the holidays where we have the best casual foods. There's all kinds of yummy things like hot dips, finger foods and a bunch of other things you can eat with a fancy toothpick. It's all super yummy! We could have those little shing dings any time of the year. Have a nice gathering of lovely people, and prepare the most delicious, but not too complicated foods. You could place each dish on the kitchen island and let everyone go at it. Or. You could use the same recipes, but arranged in a more classy presentation. Then, you call it a cocktail! Maybe this way, Karen doesn't double dip again… In a future blog, I might share a couple of yummy party food recipes!

As much as I like to cook my own food, I love it when others do the cooking. For me, food quality is number one (including cleanliness). Good service is number two. Ambiance is number three. For some people, all 3 priorities always have to be exquisite. For me, I need at least 2 out of 3. However, if the service was good and the place looked good, but I go home sick, I’m not going back. Sad, I know.

As promised, I am going to share a few places I recently visited in Ottawa. This city is “food awesome”! Visit a world of food in Ottawa, from the Beaver Tail on the Rideau Canal to the most intricately presented delicacies throughout the city

The girls and I had some catching up to do, so we went to Crust and Crate on Ogilvie Road. They got everything right. In my quest for great pizza, I tried theirs. The “Mario's Shopping Cart" did not disappoint. That's just how I like mine. A flexible fast fired thin crust with just a few simple ingredients to savor. They bring you spicy oil and a hot pepper flake shaker. Depending on your pizza toppings, the oil could make the crust a little soggy. If you don't mind it getting softer, then fold and go! I used the flakes. Perfection! One of the girls had another lovely pizza and the other girl had the Caesar salad. The place is very comfortable and is decked out in a cool industrial vibe with steampunk style light fixtures. Staff is cool too!

As you know life is busy, but we still like to eat well. My man had been working so many long days in a row. He was tired and couldn’t shake his craving for Chinese food. We spoke with a lovely Asian lady we know and she recommended a few good places. Out of her recommendations, we chose NG Cuisine on Merivale Road. I had a hot and sour soup. The best I've had. Then I had a spicy chicken and black bean steamy plate. Amazing flavors! My man asked the server for a crispy noodle dish with seafood. She was very helpful, and he was very happy with his meal. The servings were quite generous and well priced. I was able to have the rest of mine for a delightful lunch the next day. If you like to eat different types of food, the menu is quite impressive and elaborate.

Back, way in the east end on Lancaster Road, there's this place called Tropical Heat Restaurant. We go there for lunch once in a while. The man of the place is everyone's friend! He is so pleasant and takes pride in his good food. He always cheers me up and his food is so comforting. And the hot sauce. Oh the hot sauce… aye chi wawa! I like the chicken roti and my date likes the ox tail. Never fails. Always tastes good. The portions are generous, but you still feel good when you finish your meal. The natural heat of the chicken curry, without adding the hot sauce, doesn’t burn your mouth, but warms you up nicely.

Though, I do appreciate trendy, newly designed, yummy places just as much as the next person, I like to go to places who have stood the test of time just because they're awesome and their food is amazing. I like to talk about cooking, restaurants, and even cooking tools. Everything food related really. Go. Enjoy. Fill your tummies with yummy goodies! Stay healthy and happy! Bon appetit!!!


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