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WEST-ISLAND | Coconut Miracle- Product Review

Updated: Apr 12

As you all know I am a beauty content creator & I tend to create A LOT of heavy makeup / face painting / SFX looks. I’ve have a hard time finding something that can melt everything off… NOT ANYMORE! Thanks to Viva Vibe Organics.

THE COCONUT MIRACLE By: Vita Vibe Organics. (Gifted to me for review)

Let me tell you, it really is miracle stuff! I’ve tested it out with every kind of makeup you could imagine; pigments, all types of Halloween makeup, fake blood & WATERPROOF makeup! This stuff got it ALL off without having to scrub & without any harsh chemicals! A plus: it smells amazing. The coconut scent isn’t too strong at all.

Here is a link to short video on my instagram to show you all how well it really works! In this clip I was wearing a heavy base & a strong pigment that is usually pretty difficult to remove. Watch the Coconut Miracle work it’s magic! Video Via Instagram

Vita Vibe is proudly vegan, non GMO, & all natural sourced ingredients. The Coconut Miracle is infused with Rose Hip, Geranium & Vitamin E to help soothe the skin after taking the day off.


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